Infinite Recursion projects during 2009/2010 included:

  • Critical Commons : Plone-based custom video CMS development

Critical Commons is a non-profit advocacy coalition that supports the use of media for scholarship, reasearch and teaching, providing resources, information and tools for scholars, students, educators and creators. Critical Commons provides information about current copyright law and its alternatives in order to facilitate the writing and dissemination of best practices and fair use guidelines for scholarly and creative communities.

  • Critical Commons mobile site : Plone-based mobile publishing

The mobile companion to the main Critical Commons site, as above.

  • Under the NAK Factory banner : Nibble Android mobile application prototype

Beta Android smartphone application released in March 2011 – see theĀ website for details.

  • Transit Labour : Django-based web publishing

Transit-labour investigatesĀ changing patterns of labour and mobility in the whirlwind of Asian capitalist transformation. Mindful of the view of Asia as the world’s factory, this three year research project examines the role of creativity, invention and knowledge production in the new economic order being forged from the region’s capitalist centres. Particular attention is given to changing relations of culture and economy in this transition and their entanglement with the production of new subjectivities and modalities of labour.

  • Booki : Django-based collaborative authoring software

During March 2010, Andy Nicholson went to New Zeland to join the FLOSS ManualsBooki code sprint.

  • Pemulwuy’s Dream Team : Python / Wii motes game development

For this community-driven interdisciplinary project, collaborative duo You Are Here (Zanny Begg and Keg de Souza) worked closely with local Redfern community members to develop an animated boxing game.

Begg and de Souza conducted animation workshops with people who access the Redfern Community Centre, and worked with software developer Andy Nicholson, to develop the ideas, animation and the interactive Wii-remote game itself. In close consultation and collaboration with Indigenous and non-Indignenous community members, the artists created the boxing game filmed in the Tony Mundine Gym. Each game is unpredictable: viewers can choose to play as one of the Pemulwuy Dream Team or their opponents to fight for the future of Redfern

The Sleepers Almanac has been collecting the best new and emerging writers alongside established authors for the past six years.

The Sleepers App for the iPhone assembles all six anthologies to bring you some of the most exciting short stories around in one easy download.
Delve in to find some of your favourite authors and to discover a whole pile of new ones.

  • Vidiom : Android-based mobile video blogging

The Vidiom application for Android devices captures MP4 video, and allows you to publish them to a variety of video hosting services. Vidiom now also imports previously recorded videos located on the SD card and allows you to publish them, and integrates with your account, automatically tweeting the hosted video URL.
You can publish to Facebook, YouTube,, and video CMS sites like Plumi that allow FTP publishing.
Vidiom allows you to setup automatic publishing options to the services above after each video is recorded by the inbuilt camera. You will also get email notifications of video sucessfully published.